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List of vim plugins I use - with mini tutorials

| Tuesday, August 23, 2011
I am a vim user, and by user I mean I do all(not counting using the textarea inside the web browser) of my editing inside vim. Even when I need to use a word processor, I first type my content inside vim and then open the word processor to format it.

As any vim user knows that Vim experience is not complete without the use of plugins, here is the list of plugins I use on daily basis.
A word about my vim setup

I manage my vim/bash configs in separate directory ~/dotfiles. Here is what it looks like.

$ ls
bash  bin  desktop  utils  vim

bash directory contains my my .bashrc, .bash_aliases etc. bin - not same as ~/bin, contains scripts I use on day to day basis. desktop contains contains configurations exported from my Ubuntu desktop apps(e.g. my compiz-unity profile).

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