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Gtalklet – Chat Using Google Talk While Surfing Any Website [Chrome]

| Sunday, August 21, 2011
We covered extensions that put the Google Talk window in your browser as a pop-up allowing you to chat with any one of your contacts but one major shortcoming of such extensions is that clicking anywhere outside the pop-up will close it. If you switch windows, Google Talk pop-up will close, for each window or tab you visit or switch to, you will have to open it repeatedly. Gtalklet is a Chrome extension that adds Google Talk such that it is always on top and open throughout all tabs and windows. You can switch tabs and chat windows will not close or minimize. The extension lets you search contacts, gives you desktop notifications if you get a new message and your browser window is minimized. You can use the extension to sign in to one account and sign in to your Gmail in your browser with no conflicts. The extension does not support Google Apps accounts.

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