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IRC you with IRC.NET

| Thursday, August 25, 2011
You'd think IRC is so old school, wouldn't you? That it's so 90's or 00's? I did too. Until I started looking around a little more. And I found the IRC is still very much alive and well and used in many different official, business and interesting ways.

For example, one of my favorite networks, Twit (as in This Week in Tech, Windows Weekly, and the other great shows) uses IRC during its live shows for real time audience interaction. Using IRC takes their shows to places where a "traditional" show can never go.. [avoid using "to the next level"]. That's just one example of how IRC is still relevant today.

So okay, I've sold you on IRC. And being a developer, the next thing you'll want to know is how can you incorporate it in your app?

IRC.Net is just your ticket. There's a .Net 4 version, Silverlight 4 version and branches for WP7 and more...


    IRC.NET is a complete IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client library for the .NET Framework 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0. It aims to provide a complete and efficient implementation of the protocol as described in RFCs 1459 and 2812, as well as de-facto modern features of the protocol. The .NET Framework version of the library is also intended to compile and run under Mono 2.6 and later.

    GitHub mirror at <>.

    NuGet package at <>.
    NuGet sample package at <>.

    For discussion about using or contributing to the IRC.NET library, please join the channel on FreeNode.

As you can see above, the IRC.Net Library is available as source and better yet, via NuGet.

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