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Hibernating Rhinos is hiring

| Wednesday, August 24, 2011
My company is hiring again, and since I had so much success in our previous hiring round, I decided to use this blog for the next one as well.

Some information that you probably need to know:

    You have to know to program in C#.
    If you have OSS credentials, that is all for the better, but it is not required.
    It is not a remote position, our offices are located in Hadera, Israel.

We are looking for developers, and are open for people with little to no commercial experience. I am looking for people who are passionate about programming, and I explicitly don’t list the whole alphabet soup that you usually see in a hiring notice. I don’t really care if you have / don’t have 5 years experience in WCF 4.1 update 3. I care that you can think, that you can program your way out of problems and also know when it is not a good idea to throw code at a problem.

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