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How to Speed Up Package Downloads and updates with Apt-fast

| Thursday, August 25, 2011

By Default, Ubuntu uses apt-get to install packages and updates. Apt-get is a good tool but you can get much faster download speeds using Apt-Fast when downloading and updating your Ubuntu box.

Apt-Fast is a script created by Matt Parnell that allows for up to 26x faster downloads. So how does it work? It is a script which uses Axel, a command line application which accelerates HTTP/FTP downloads. Well, the magic behind this is simple; it opens multiple connections to the server or multiple servers to download from. So basically it works like torrent client, downloading different pieces of the same file from different places simultaneously. Thus, reducing/eliminating the effect of server being overloaded.

To get Apt-Fast on your system, download the file “” from the link at the bottom. Once downloaded, open a terminal window to continue from there. Start by navigating to the file’s directory and rename it using this easy command:

    mv apt-fast

Now you need to move the file to “/usr/bin” to make it executable. Do so by using:

    mv apt-fast /usr/bin/

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