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Debug Single Thread Keeps Focus On Single Thread [Visual Studio 2010]

| Sunday, August 21, 2011

One of the problems which many developers face while building and debugging multi-threaded application is that it often becomes difficult to focus on single thread to check whether thread is working fine or performing required functionality or not. Single thread debugging helps users thoroughly test functional requirements of multi-threaded applications. Even though Visual Studio 2010 lets you switch between processes and threads from toolbar when an application is being debugged, it is deprived of an option to keep focus on single thread and to move through each thread/process one by one. This compels users to manually find and select the next thread from Thread drop-down menus. Debug Single Thread is add-in that adds two convenient buttons next to debug drop-down menu in toolbar to focus on current thread and move to next thread, respectively.

Debug Single Thread not only solves the problem of manually freezing other threads but provides an easy way to focus on user-specified threads and move through thread list. The Snowflake button which can also be trigged by using Ctrl+T+T hotkey combination freezes all other treads and further execution of current thread. Move to next button functionality can be performed via Ctrl+T+J hotkey.

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