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DroidUX component library

| Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DroidUX is the first commercial Android UI component library that I've seen. While it is pretty pricey (219.99€ to 719.99€) for small projects it could provide valuable help for a larger scale commercial projects.

I took a closer look to see what the library has to offer.

Basic components

Using commercial library for components like dashboard, action bar and quick actions doesn't really make sense. There are free and open source libraries available that do as good work or even better if you need to deeply cutomise them (you have the code!). It is difficult to beat free (GreenDroid, ActionBar Sherlock, etc.).

Having these components in the library is a positive thing though. If you're using the library for the other components you can use the basic components as well. This will save you the trouble of having to maintain multiple dependencies and using inconsistent APIs.

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