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Top 9 Google-A-Licious Extensions for Your G+ Profile

| Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google+ social network site is nearing two weeks since its premiere launch, and a multitude of things have changed since its inception. Web user reaction to the service has prompted Facebook to announce its plans for a slew of new features to hold off the new kid in town.

Despite the predictions, and assumptions and its initial launching, the buzz continues to flow on the web over its success and demise, as the question on everyone’s lips is: Who will be the Torch Bearer of the Social Network Race.

Facebook spanked Google+ with its announcement of jaw breaking video chat application and that application is going well according to Facebook sources , however the Google+ market is rising rapidly and its stock holders are celebrating Christmas in July ! .

However, if Google+ plans on leave Facebook in its dusty trails, and attract Facebook users over to its side, it needs to produce and introduce some more unique features to its already sleek interface.
Developers have not wasted any time in seizing the opportunity to create and come up with some pretty nifty extensions for their preferred network.

They’ve been working diligently down in the Google labs and they’ve already emerged with some pretty good features and several extensions for Google Chrome which make the use of Google+ not only more user friendly but also fun to spend time on utilizing its many features.

STG has gone on a G+ Quest and has discovered some unique extensions for users of Google+ which will make your G+ Social networking experience even more enjoyable !

1. Google+ Css tricks
2. Google+ Everywhere

3. Google+ Facebook

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