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Google: "Android is the Linux desktop dream come true"

| Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Chris DiBona, Googles Open Source Boss talks about the role of Linux inside the company and why Chrome and Android use so fundamentally different release models

Right from the start Open Source has been playing an important role at Google. Nowadays it's used nearly "everywhere" inside the company. From server to the engineering desktops and smartphones as Chris diBona, Googles "Open Source Manager" points out in an interview with He goes on to talk about Android as the "Linux desktop dream come true" and explains why the release model of Chrome and Android are so fundamentally different.

The interview was conducted during Googles I/O conference in the midst of May with Andreas Proschofsky asking the questions.

*** Could you give us a little overview - to what extent does Google rely on Open Source software?

Chris DiBona: Most people recognize Android and Chrome, but Open Source at Google is much bigger. We have released something like 1,300 open source projects to the outside world in the last five years. That amounts to 24-25 million lines of code, using a variety of licenses. So basically whatever device or computer you use it most likely has some code from us in there, be it through our compiler or our application work.

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