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PDF Masher – Convert PDF Into HTML, Optimize For eBook Readers

| Thursday, July 14, 2011

PDF Masher has been developed to remove clutter, like, bloated headers and footers, irrelevant pages from PDF documents to make them ready for your eBook reader. Since many eBook readers don’t have options to optimize the PDF document viewing, it becomes frustratingly hard to first zoom out the page and then start reading the text off the e-book reader screen, which is in some cases, doesn’t appear clear on the screen.

PDF Masher not only transforms PDF document into HTML format but allows changing the way you read documents on your eBook reader. It provides convenient options to remove and adjust headers and footers text, remove selected text elements from the pages, change text state to title, footnote and header, etc. The columns headers let you sort the PDF document by page, rows, columns, font size, text length, state, and document text.

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