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Tips for Writing Test Cases

| Tuesday, July 12, 2011
One of the most frequent and major activity of a Software Tester (SQA/SQC person) is to write Test Cases. First of all, kindly keep in mind that all this discussion is about ‘Writing Test Cases’ not about designing/defining/identifying TCs.

There are some important and critical factors related to this major activity.Let us have a bird’s eye view of those factors first.

a. Test Cases are prone to regular revision and update:

We live in a continuously changing world, software are also not immune to changes. Same holds good for requirements and this directly impacts the test cases. Whenever, requirements are altered, TCs need to be updated. Yet, it is not only the change in requirement that may cause revision and update to TCs.

During the execution of TCs, many ideas arise in the mind, many sub-conditions of a single TC cause update and even addition of TCs. Moreover, during regression testing several fixes and/or ripples demand revised or new TCs.

b. Test Cases are prone to distribution among the testers who will execute these:

Of course there is hardly the case that a single tester executes all the TCs. Normally there are several testers who test different modules of a single application. So the TCs are divided among them according to their owned areas of application under test. Some TCs related to integration of application, may be executed by multiple testers while some may be executed only by a single tester.

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