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4 Golden Rules Of Naming A Brand Or Business

| Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Naming of business is the key to any venture, whether the business is small or large – you have to do a lot of brainstorming while finalizing the name of your business or brand. A good brainstorming session while deciding the brand name will not only ensure a good name that perfectly illustrates your brand effectively but also helps in increasing brand value in consumers mind.
So, in this article, I am here with the 4 golden rules of naming a brand or business to create a distinctive but effective brand image.


1. Keep Distance From Big Brand Names : After starting new business, the first point you should keep in mind is never try to copy a look-alike or sound-alike name of already stabilized big brand names. Choosing a name that already taken by a big brand is never be productive in the long run of the brand.


2. Say NO To Over – Creativity : When a consumer decide to buy a product – they never know the quality of it in first instance and the first thing that makes relation between your company and consumer is your brand name, so it should be differentiate and somewhat creative from others to remember.

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