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The UnBrickable Mod and Beyond

| Monday, August 29, 2011
A bricked phone.  No JTAG.  Modify hardware, upload a bootloader, and the phone lives.  Pure development.

That’s what I think of the work of AdamOutler and Rebellos to breathe life into dead devices.  A couple days ago, WillVerduzco wrote an article on Rebellos’ method of unbricking Hummingbird devices by uploading your very own custom bootloader to your device.  A couple weeks ago, AdamOutler asked for help getting the official Samsung bootloader for Galaxy devices.  Since then, the two teamed up to put Rebellos’ Resurrection Bootloader on devices modified according to AdamOutler’s UnBrickable Mod.

Now they’re finding the fun doesn’t stop at unbricking phones.  They’re flashing bootloaders built for other operating systems.  ”I used UnBrickable mod to install Bada OS bootloaders on my Captivate,” AdamOutler says.  ”Totally bricked it.  Messed up partition tables and everything.  It assimilated my Captivate.  I used UnBrickable mod to load up a secondary bootloader while holding the key combination, then flashed it.”  He goes on, “I was worried for a bit because it would not download, but eventually we got it!  It works!”


The developers are currently looking for bricked and broken CORTEX-A8 phone donations, such as these:

    Samsung I9000 SGS
    Samsung S8500 Wave
    Samsung S8530 Wave II
    Samsung SGH-i997 Infuse 4G
    Samsung T959 Vibrant
    Samsung SGH-T849 Galaxy Tab 7.0 inch
    Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab
    Samsung GT-i9010 Girogio Armani Galaxy
    Samsung GT-i8350 Omnia 7
    Google Nexus S
    Apple iPhone4

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