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.net OpenOffice Automation Library

| Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project Description
The .net OpenOffice Automation Library makes it easier for .net developers to control OpenOffice or LibreOffice through the automation interface. You'll no longer have to browse the Uno docs and call everything by refelction. It's developed in C#.

Creators comment
OOLib is far away from being complete. This project is mainly created for my needs.
This started as a very simple Delphi project which put all functionallity inte a hand full classes.
This project is a collection of wrapper classes for the OpenOffice UNO Services and interfaces.
Additionally some classes will be extended by some usefull utility functions.

What is missing

    The majority of classes (services) is not implemented.
    The implemented classes does not support all of the interfaces.
    So far I could not get the listeners working. I would like to map the listener events to classic .NET events. Any help here is appreciated.
    Testing in general
    Test/sample programs

What is done already

    Implementing some basic classes
    Implementing a lot of classes related to TextDocument

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