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Android continues to grow, now makes up 42% of U.S. smartphone market

| Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Earlier this morning, comScore released their quarterly report of the U.S. smartphone market for the three month period ending July 31. The report measures market share across three segments of the mobile market: manufacturers, platform (operating system), and service use.


When it comes to cell phone manufacturers for both smartphones and non-smartphones, Samsung continued to hold the lead with 25.5%, up 1% from the period ending April 2011. LG and Motorola round out the top three, with 20.9% (+0.0%) and 14.1% (-1.5%) respectively. Apple found itself in the 4th spot with a 9.5% share (+1.2%), and struggling RIM dropped to 7.6% (-0.6%).

Sadly, comScore did not report the market share for only smartphone manufacturers, which is what we as Android users are really interested in. It is, however, nice to see manufacturers that make Android smartphones in the top 3 spots overall.

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