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How to mount a windows folder or drive for sharing in Ubuntu

| Sunday, August 28, 2011
The proper path to the folder or drive in windows that is to be mounted on Ubuntu is must. This can be done through command line using the following steps:

1.  Open the terminal. The package "smbfs" needs to be installed through root.

apt-get install smbfs OR Open synaptic through root and install smbfs package.

2. Now, a folder needs to be created in the Ubuntu machine in which the required drive or folder on Windows will be mounted. e.g. windows (the folder can be of any name)

mkdir /home/username/windows

3. Now,  we need to save the credentials of the user in root so that the password doesnt need to be entered again and again whenever the folder or drive is to be mounted.

vi   /root/.credentials

A file opens,edit it as:


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