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FlightGear, the open source flight simulator, releases version 2.4

| Sunday, August 28, 2011

If you think that flight simulators are a dying breed then you have missed out on the rise of FlightGear, an open source flight simulator started in 1997 that can be regarded as a game or as a research tool.

The latest version 2.4 has just been released and it has some significant improvements. As always what you consider important depends on your interests, but notable is the overhauled weather module which now sounds more like a weather prediction/simulation system. You can set up some initial weather using METAR reports and the system will generate weather based on the state of the atmosphere and the local terrain. This can result in fog, thermals and topographic clouds. Clearly fun if you are flying a glider and taking the weather into account is now an essential part of the experience.


The source code is available for download and binaries are available for Windows, MacOS 10.5-10.7, Linux and more

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