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Publicly available PCAP files

| Wednesday, June 13, 2012
This is a directory over various packet capture repositories which are freely and publicly available on the Internet. Most of the sites listed below share their PCAP files as full content, but some do unfortunately only have truncated frames.
PCAP Repositories

Wireshark Sample Capures Capture Repository (maintained by JJ Cummings created by Richard Bejtlich)

Captures from the "2009 Inter-Service Academy Cyber Defense Competition" served by Information Technology Operations Center (ITOC), United States Military Academy

Over 4 GB of network forensic training data from DEEP (Digital Evaluation and Exploitation Department of Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School). Case details can be found at Jesse Kornblum's blog. (Read more on the Digital Corpora website) Packet Captures (Jeremy Stretch)

MOME database

EvilFingers PCAPs

Laura's Lab Kit v.9 ISO image

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