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How Can I View MSMQ Messages and Queues?

| Sunday, June 10, 2012
I’m working with NServiceBus to send messages to and from different parts of my application.  NServiceBus is a mature tool that sits on top of MSMQ and provides a great developer experience for working with a number of different scenarios.  One thing that’s challenging when working with queues is figuring out where a message went when it doesn’t show up at the other end of the message bus.  Where did things go wrong?  How can I see the messages in the queue for MSMQ?  Is the queue set up and working?

It turns out that there is built-in support for viewing details of MSMQ baked into the MMC snap-in, though it’s not immediately obvious where to find it.  It’s actually under Computer Management > Services and Applications > Message Queuing.  Once you get that far, you’ll see a listing of Outgoing Queues, Private Queues, System Queues, and Triggers.  You most likely are interested in Private Queues.  Here’s a listing of my Private Queues on my dev machine at the moment:

Inline image 2

If you want to look at a particular message (that no application has picked up), you can drill down into the queue and inspect the Queue messages.  Double-clicking on one will show you details of its contents:

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