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| Sunday, June 10, 2012
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LZ4 description

LZ4 is a very fast compressor, based on well-known LZ77 (Lempel-Ziv) algorithm.
Originally a fork from LZP2, it provides better compression ratio for text files and reaches impressive decompression speed, in the range and beyond 1GB/s per core (!), especially for binary files. These speeds are scalable with multi-threading modes, quickly reaching RAM speed limits on multi-core systems.

LZ4 compression format is detailed in a dedicated post.

LZ4 is available as a C Open Source project, hosted on Google Code, under a BSD license.
A port of LZ4 in C# language is provided by Clayton Stangeland at GitHub.
A JNI wrapper of LZ4 for Java language is provided by Binglin Chang at GitHub.
A binding for Python has been created by Steeve Morin, available at Pypi.
A binding for Perl has been created by Gray, available at Cpan.
A binding for Ruby has been created by Komiya Atsushi, available at RubyGems.
A binding for Haskell has been completed by Mark Wotton, available at Haskell Hackage 
A port of LZ4 in Go language is provided by Branimir Karadzic at GitHub.
A wrapper of LZ4 for LUA language is provided by Christophe Delord at cdsoft.

The -c1 mode serves as a living demo for MMC (Morphing Match Chain) search algorithm (explained here).
The -c2 mode is equivalent to lz4hc.

Download :
v1.3 : Windows LZ4 installer (setup)
v1.3 :  LZ4 Command Line Utility for Windows (stand alone zip, no installation)
What's new :
- c0 mode : small compression improvement
- c2 mode : small compression improvement
- c2 mode : large compression speed improvements
- improved i/o performance

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