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| Wednesday, April 25, 2012
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Why WebSharper

WebSharper is an HTML5-centric web framework that lets you create web and mobile JavaScript apps complete with a server-side backend using a single language, F#.

WebSharper is designed to boost your productivity. Reduce complexity with a single language on the client and the server, enjoy code completion in Visual Studio®, and benefit from type inference and other great features of F#.

WebSharper is now open-source!


  • F# to JavaScript compiler
  • Code completion and other IDE goodness
  • Extensions to JS libraries
  • Seamless client-server interop
  • Mobile development: Android and WP7
  • Formlets: UI form and wizard lib
  • Sitelets: composable websites
  • F# stdlib running on JavaScript
  • ASP.NET/MVC integration

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