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| Wednesday, April 25, 2012
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Basic4android is the simplest and most powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool available for the Android platform
  • Basic4android includes all features needed to develop great, real-world Android applications
  • Compiled applications are native Android applications, there is no extra run-time or any dependencies
  • Our community with over 20k developers is waiting to help you get started

General Features

  • Simple and powerful tool
  • IDE and programming language 100% focused on Android development
  • Compiles to native bytecode. No runtime libraries are required. Created APK files are exactly the same as APK files created with Java / Eclipse
  • Performance is similar to applications written with Java
  • Event driven programming language similar to Visual Basic with support for objects and code modules
  • No need to write any XML files
  • Highly extensible with support for custom Java libraries
  • Large, active and friendly community of developers. Over 20,000 registered developers!
  • The only available true WYSIWYG visual editor for Android. The visual editor supports multiple screens and resolutions
  • Easily create sophisticated layouts with the powerful designer scripts feature.New!
  • All Android phones and tablets starting with Android 1.6 and up to 4.0 are supported
  • Modern IDE with autocomplete, built-in documentation, internal index New! and other advanced features
  • Powerful step-by-step debugger
  • Large set of documentation with a custom online search engine and offline search engine tools
  • Built-in code obfuscation

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