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Real Scenario: folder deployment scenarios with MSDeploy

| Monday, February 4, 2013
     Hi everyone Sayed here. I recently had a customer, Johan, contact me to help with some challenges regarding deployment automation. He had some very specific requirements, but he was able to automate the entire process. He has been kind enough to agree to write up his experience to share with everyone. His story is below. If you have any comments please let us know. I will pass them to Johan.

I’d like to thank Johan for his willingness to write this up and share it. FYI if you’d like me to help you in your projects I will certainly do my best, but if you are willing to share your story like Johan it will motivate me more :) – Sayed

Folder deployment scenarios with the MsDeploy command line utility

We have an Umbraco CMS web site where deployment is specific to certain folders only and not the complete website. Below is a snapshot of a typical Umbraco website.

Inline image 2

I have omitted root files such as web.config as they never get deployed. Now as we develop new features, only those purple folders gets modified so there is no need to redeploy the bulky yellow folders which mostly contains the Umbraco CMS admin system. I will refer to these purple folders as release files.

The green media folder is a special case. Our ecommerce team modifies the content on a daily basis in a CMS environment. They may publish their changes to production at will. Content related files from this folder automatically synchronises to the production environment through a file watcher utility. Thus the CMS and PROD environments always contain the latest versions and we can never overwrite this.

This results in a special case for deployment. These are the steps we follow:

1. When preparing the QA environment, we first update the media folder from CMS

2. Then we transfer all the release files from DEV to QA

3. After QA sign off, we deploy those same the release files to PROD

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