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XAML to Image/PDF converter with the open source "Xaml Image Converter" (with help from ImageMagick)

| Sunday, October 21, 2012
Renders images or pdf's from Xaml, SVG & Photoshop files. Features: - Input Formats: Xaml, SVG & PSD (Photoshop) - Output Formats: png, gif, jgp, bmp, tif, xps, pdf - Images with localized text.


Integration into the Build Process. You can convert Images before or after Compilation.
A HttpHandler that converts XAML & PSD to images on the fly in a ASP.NET or MVC project.
Supported target image formats: gif (also animated), jpg, png, bmp, xsp, pdf, xaml
Supported source image formats: xaml, svg, psd
XAML Batch files describing conversion jobs.
Creation of GIF & CSS filmstrips from Storyboards.
Localization support for mutliple cultures.
Dynamic changing of the Xaml from the batch file. Set dpi resolution.

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