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How to: Make Innerglows with Expression Blend.

| Sunday, April 29, 2012
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I'm knee deep in a WPF project i'm writing for my team. I had the need today to have an innerglow, and noticed that we seem to have forgotten this little BitmapEffect of goodness (which I'll be promptly hassling Jon tomorrow for in the next revision).

That being said, as stubborn as I am I decided to try my hand at producing my own InnerGlow effect. It was actually very simple procedure to replicate inside Expression Blend.

Step 1.

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Define your shape. In this case I went with a rounded Rectangle, but you can use any shape you see fit and firstly you need to figure out your base shape.

Note: Now it's important here to note, that you need to think of this as being "Pancakes" in terms of the design composition.

Don't worry to much about pixel perfect precision inside Vector either.  A illustrator friend of mine once gave me a basic rule to live with when it comes to Vector art:

You can hide a lot of imperfections, as given you can zoom endlessly you get to the point were the naked eye can't see it and move on..

Couldn't agree more.

Step 2.
Simply copy the shape (CTRL+C) and hit Paste keys (CTRL+V). It should paste exactly on top of the previous shape and retain the exact x/y co-ordinates.

Rename your layer to something suites you, I myself called it IcnInnerGlow

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