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Introduction to MSMQ

| Monday, September 24, 2012
Microsoft Messaging Queue (MSMQ) technology is used for asynchronous communication using messages. MSMQ also can be considered to be an Inter- process communication capability.

Whenever two processes want to communicate with each other in a "Fire and Forget" manner, MSMQ is very useful for that.


For example what if Billing software needs to process 1000 bills at midnight and must send mail to all those users. Such as when the operator runs the software he wants immediate notification. The operator can't wait for all the bills to be processed and gets email.

Here MSMQ plays an important role for communication by Billing software to send those 1000's of customer email information into the Queue and the Queue event handler will handle the requests. In this way the Operator gets instant notification of the processes instead of knowing the "Behind the Scene" process.

So let's have a code walkthrough of how to create the process behind the scenes:

Step 1: Need to ensure MSMQ is properly installed in the computer.

1. How to check?

Type "compmgmt.msc" in the Run window or right-click on MyComputer and select "Manage Computer".
The following screen shot shows the MSMQ installed in the computer, if its not listed then follow Step "c" else done.

Inline image 1

Go to the Control Panel and select "Add or remove programs" under "Programs and Features"

After clicking on "Add or remove programs" again click "Turn Windows features on or off" displayed on left side.
Check (as in the following screenshot) whether MSMQ is enabled or not; if not then select "Enable" and press "OK"; see:

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