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| Sunday, September 23, 2012
An open-source API for the Android Market
This is not an official api. I'm not afiliated to google in any way.

This library allow you to ask directly google's official android market servers for information, search for apps, ...

Main target is java but it can be easily adapted to other languages since it's Google ProtoBuf based.

There is a Ruby port by jberkel here and a PHP port by splitfeed here. These is also a crawler on top of this library by Raunak Gupta here.

For any help using this API please use the google group HERE, no direct help request please, i won't answer.


No specific requirement, it use for communication with the google market server, that's all. So it should run without problem on Google App Engine or in an Android app. Include androidmarketapi-X.Y.jar and protobuf-java-X.Y.Z.jar in your classpath and you're good to go.

Current progress

You can browse market with any carrier or locale you want.
Search for apps using keywords or package name.
Retrieve an app info using an app ID.
Retrieve comments using an app ID.
Get PNG screenshots and icon

Version History

Version 0.6 : Fix corrupted session when exception occur. Change default android id and default sdk version
Version 0.5 : Fix random 400 errors, fields recentChanges and promotionalVideo added
Version 0.4 : Better error handling at login, default to android 2.2 (passion:8)
Version 0.3 : GetImage api added, now searching for android 2.0 apps

Read more: Google code
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