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| Thursday, June 21, 2012
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As one of the leading handset manufacturers in Japan, Sharp recognized the need to address an expanding market of smartphone users. After conducting surveys in Japan and the US, the company wanted to create new Android handsets that would stand out in a crowded field and attract first-time buyers while catering to the needs of current Android customers.

Redefining the Android Mobile UI Paradigm

According to Google statistics, an estimated 850,000 devices are activated every day across the world, making Android the most popular smartphone platform. However, while many customers favor the platform’s openness, flexibility and diverse choice of handsets, an overload of branded phones without clear product differentiation can make selecting an Android device overwhelming. The traditional Android model had some fundamental usability issues, and an entirely fresh approach was the only solution to create a meaningful experience.
Sharp collaborated with frog’s team of designers and technologists to design a new mobile user-experience model, called “Feel UX”, that is uncluttered and effortless to organize and use. Unlike other handset manufacturers who historically customize Android by simply adding another layer on top of the platform, the frog team carefully curated the experience to create a new device that is straightforward for beginner Android users, yet has the flexibility in customization that advanced users love.

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