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X Window System for COSMOS

| Wednesday, May 16, 2012
This is a project meant to provide a GUI for COSMOS. It is built upon version 89858 of COSMOS kernel and provided in .dll form that expose the most common methods to create dialog/modal windows with drag&drop, re-size, open/close facilities. This solution bases on double-linked list principle, recursively parsing the hierarchy of windows in both ways. This allows dynamic allocation of memory for an infinite number of windows, screen refresh and active window sensitivity.

I also provide a typesetting system based on 5x5 matrices of pixels for each character of English alphabet. It may be used for both keyboard input & onscreen-keyboard facility. The resolution is 320x200, this kernel version supporting a common VGA driver only. With future kernel releases, I'm willing to provide a SuperVGA version of X Window, for bitmap rendering and improved text facilities. This kernel version supplying FAT and Networking support I am sure you'll make good use of this GUI. Bonne chance!

PS. A short glimpse for my system running at

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