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Calling all social coders: Xamarin is hiring Developer Evangelists

| Wednesday, May 16, 2012
As we continue to rapidly grow at Xamarin, we’ve reached a point where we are looking to spread the word about MonoTouch and Mono for Android to even more developers around the world. To do this we’re creating a new team of social coders to represent us to the community as Developer Evangelists.

What is a Developer Evangelist? The job of an evangelist (sometimes called a Developer Advocate) is to raise awareness for our products in developer communities online and off. This means doing things like speaking at events, creating blog posts and screencasts, answering questions on Stack Overflow or anything else that helps our customers be successful.

Maybe you’ve never considered being an Evangelist because it’s “too sales-y” or “not technical enough”. At Xamarin, that’s not the case. The Evangelist’s job is to build relationships with developers and be a technical ally to our customers. That means you can get your hands as dirty as you want and you can leave the selling up to our excellent sales team.

Here are a few other reasons why you should consider it:

Work with Some of the Best Engineers in the World

We’ve taken great care to hire the best talent we can find. They’ve created a set of tools that are enabling developers all over the world to build great apps. The biggest injustice to a product is for the customer that needs it to never know it exists. Your job is to bring our engineer’s hard work out into the world and get it into the right hands. And when those customers need someone to advocate for them on the inside, you represent them back to the company.

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