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How to develop your own Boot Loader

| Monday, February 25, 2013
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Most of all I’ve written this article for those who have been always interested in the way the different things work. It is for those developers who usually create their applications in high-level languages such as C, C++ or Java, but faced with the necessity to develop something at low-level. We will consider low-level programming on the example of working at system loading.

We will describe what is going after you turn on a computer; how the system is loading. As the practical example we will consider how you can develop your own boot loader which is actually the first point of the system booting process.

What is Boot Loader

Boot loader is a program situated at the first sector of the hard drive; and it is the sector where the boot starts from. BIOS automatically reads all content of the first sector to the memory just after the power is turned on, and jump to it. The first sector is also called Master Boot Record. Actually it is not obligatory for the first sector of the hard drive to boot something. This name has been formed historically because developers used to boot their operating systems with such mechanism.

Be ready to go deeper

In this section I will tell about knowledge and tools you need to develop your own boot loader and also remind some useful information about system boot.

So what language you should know to develop Boot Loader

On the first stage on the computer work the control of hardware is performed mainly by means of BIOS functions known as interrupts. The implementation of interrupts is given only in Assembler – so it is great if you know it at least a little bit. But it’s not the necessary condition. Why? We will use the technology of “mixed code” where it is possible to combine high-level constructions with low-level commands. It makes our task a little simpler.

In this article the main development languages is C++. But if you have brilliant knowledge of C then it will be easy to learn required C++ elements. In general even the C knowledge will be enough but then you will have to modify the source code of the examples that I will descried here.

If you know Java or C# well unfortunately it won’t help for our task. The matter is that the code of Java and C# languages that is produced after compilation is intermediate. The special virtual machine is used to process it (Java Machine for Java, and .NET for C#) which transform intermediate code into processor instructions. After that transformation it can be executed. Such architecture makes it impossible to use mixed code technology – and we are going to use it to make our life easier, so Java and C# don’t work here.

So to develop the simple boot loader you need to know C or C++ and also it would be good if you know something about Assembler – language into which all high-level code is transformed it the end.

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