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Decompiling .NET Applications

| Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let’s consider a basic variable instantiation and an equality check, when this is compiled it will output something partially readable. To me the output is readable but that’s just because I have a weird love for IL. When this basic snippet was compiled using LINQPad it generated some IL which you can see below.

Inline image 1

So how do we do this? By using a decompiler!

As I tend to do this quite often to understand how libraries work that I have no control over, I have tried some different tools for just this cause. Let’s take a look at four of the most common ones on the market. Don’t worry, there’s both free versions and paid ones out there!

Telerik JustDecompile

The first one that we’re looking at is a product from the Just* family created by Telerik. I do like the products from Telerik so this one should be quite interesting!

JustDecompile is completely free and available for download over at Teleriks website. One thing that I didn’t like thought was the installer, generally Telerik’s installers are pretty nice, but I don’t like being “guided” to install other stuff than what I’ve asked for.

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