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Elementary OS

| Thursday, November 22, 2012
Hello, Luna Beta 1

Developers and testers, today we are happy to announce the first beta release of elementary OS Luna. We've been working hard the past year and a half to create the next generation of elementary, and it begins with this beta.

What’s New

Luna is our greatest undertaking yet, and along with it have come many new apps, features and development libraries. By integrating and innovating with the latest technologies, we’re building a platform that free software developers can be excited about.


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Underlying Technologies

Luna is powered by newer technologies, both developed by elementary and other open source projects, bringing a wide number of improvements to the OS.
Below the UI, elementary OS uses the Linux kernel. The kernel has seen significant improvements, including wider hardware compatibility, better wireless drivers, improved graphics drivers, and many low-level advancements.

Throughout the OS we’ve focused on pushing GTK3 as much as possible. Every default user-oriented app uses GTK3, meaning they take advantage of our sleek new theme.

During the Luna cycle, we’ve built out our user interface technology, Granite. Granite is an extension of GTK, providing a select number of improved, useful, well-designed, and consistent widgets for apps. Granite now includes a welcome screen, thin panes, popovers, modebuttons, static notebook, dynamic notebook, decorated window, source list, and the about dialog. Each of these widgets are available to app developers and are used throughout the OS, bringing beautiful design and both visual and behavioral consistency between apps.

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