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Mono 2.11.4 is out

| Wednesday, October 3, 2012
A couple of weeks ago we released Mono 2.11.4; I had not had time to blog about it.

Since our previous release a month before, we had some 240 commits, spread like this:

488 files changed, 28716 insertions(+), 6921 deletions(-)
Among the major updates in this release:

Integrated the Google Summer of Code code for Code Contracts.
Integrated the Google Summer of Code code for TPL's DataFlow.
Plenty of networking stack fixes and updates (HTTP stack, web services stack, WCF)
Improvements to the SGen GC.
TPL fixes for AOT systems like the iPhone.
Debugger now supports batched method invocations.
And of course, a metric ton of bug fixes all around.

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