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Celebrating the Visual Studio 2012 launch with the release of a popular App

| Thursday, September 13, 2012
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Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of Visual Studio 2012 and the .NET Framework 4.5. You can read more about the Visual Studio 2012 launch on Jason Zander’s blog.

We’ve been using the new version of Visual Studio for several months now to build .NET Framework apps for Windows, Windows Store, Windows Azure, and Window Server. The Visual Studio team has made many improvements throughout the product that I’m sure you’ll love. We’ve certainly found quite a few.

Many of you have asked for the “.NET Feature Catalog” app that we’ve been demonstrating at recent conferences such as TechEd. To celebrate the launch of Visual Studio 2012, we’re very happy to release the source code for this app. More on that below, but let’s first look at one of my favorite features in Visual Studio 2012 for .NET developers.

NuGet Integration

Everyone has a favorite Visual Studio 2012 feature. I’d like to introduce you to one that you may not have noticed yet, which has become a favorite of mine. It’s the NuGet integration in Visual Studio. NuGet is a growing web library of code libraries and tools that use the .NET Framework. There are thousands of libraries available on NuGet that have been downloaded millions of times. NuGet is already popular, but I’m guessing that it’s about to become an even bigger hit now that the NuGet client is part of Visual Studio 2012. Let’s take a look at this new feature.

Using NuGet in Visual Studio 2012

NuGet is exposed in a couple of ways in Visual Studio 2012. The primary way that I use it is via the context (right-click) menu on the project node in Solution Explorer. You can see the Manage NuGet Packages option at the bottom of the menu in Figure 1. The same option is available on the context menu of the references node. Additional NuGet functionality is available under Tools, Library Package Manager.

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