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Watch the Video: Building an Open Source Platform as a Service with Red Hat's OpenShift Origin

| Wednesday, August 22, 2012
For the past few months, Krishna Raman and I have been giving a really fun presentation called "Building as Platform as a Service with Open Source Software", wherein we outline what a PaaS is show how to build one using Red Hat's OpenShift Origin.

We have presented it at the Red Hat Summit in Boston, and most recently at O'Reilly's OSCON in Portland. Each time we've presented it, the room has been full, with a wonderfully engaged audience. In fact, when we presented at OSCON, we overfilled the room, and had to move to a larger space.

As a result, we've gotten a fair share of emails and tweets from folks who couldn't see the talk live, so we produced a video version. We were fortunate to pull Krishna away from hacking for a few minutes to don his favorite t-shirt and sit in front of the video camera for a few minutes.

Part One: An introduction to the cloud and PaaS

Part one is a 7 minute general overview. Krishna explains what cloud computing is and isn't, and what exactly a PaaS is. In it he describes how a PaaS helps to satisfy both what developers want, and what system operators want. He also introduces the project the powers the OpenShift service, OpenShift Origin on GitHub.

Part Two: OpenShift Origin architecture and how to build a PaaS

Part two is 20 minutes long in a good way. It is intended for people who want to install their own OpenShift Origin instance and start hacking away on it. This is an introductory "under the hood", how the magic works behind the curtain video.

He discusses what OpenShift considers an "app" to be: a runtime environment plus someone's code, contained in a Git repo. Next is an exploration of the rhc command line tool, used for creating a DNS namespace, ssh keys, and creating apps.

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