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Let the moose run free...! Mighty Moose, a Continuous Testing Tool, is now free (as in free)

| Tuesday, June 26, 2012
As some of you may know Svein (@ackenpacken) and I have decided to make Mighty Moose free. This is not a decision that is being take lightly and much thought has gone into it. This post is to explain why we went free and the future


Mighty Moose is from this point forward free. Not “free in beta” or “free with a bunch of functionality turned off” but free (license is being updated as I write this). We announced this rather quietly at NDC.

Many people have asked me “why would you go free? you could charge for what you have.”. This is true. Continuous Testing tools will be taking off and yes we could charge for it however its not quite as simple as that.

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