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Xceedium Xsuite

| Sunday, May 20, 2012
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Xceedium Xsuite™ protects your organization from security threats associated with privileged users, individuals and applications that have unfettered administrative access to your most sensitive IT infrastructure and business data.

Xceedium’s highly scalable solution employs role-based privilege access control, ensuring that privileged users, such as network administrators, security staff and trusted third parties, have rights to access only the specific systems, devices and commands they require. In other words, it provides “least privilege” access.

But Xsuite goes far beyond the popular least privilege concept, enabling organizations to implement the entire set of security controls necessary to protect modern networks from insider threats. We call it Zero Trust access control.

Xsuite integrates three award-winning software modules: GateKeeper™ Administrator Access Control, Password Authority™ Admin Password Management, and A2A Authority™ Application Password Management on a single, hardened appliance.

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